The majority of briefs we receive for live event captures consist of one main thing … ‘try to capture the atmosphere’, and that’s exactly what we do, being passionate about our work we use the cameras as an extension of our eyes, when we see something interesting and engaging we shoot it, and one of our skills we’re most proud of is adapting to spontaneous situations, which live events have in abundance. An issue with live events from a client’s perspective is that you spend the majority of your time ensuring that all the aspects you’ve spent so much time planning run smoothly, that you actually miss the event and miss the atmosphere, but with a live event promotional video the event and atmosphere are captured and preserved forever. Live event videos are a great promotional tool; to promote the event afterwards to people who attended, to show others what they missed, to promote your next event and even to promote awareness – we regularly work with local charities who see the benefits of capturing their live events, including; The Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline, Ashgate Hospice and Kids n Cancer.

Woofs and Wellies
Ashgate Hospice

Woofs and Wellies was and is a live event in aid of Ashgate Hospice in Chesterfield. A charity dogs walk from the hospice, around the picturesque Linacre Reservoirs and back. To capture the atmosphere of this event we filmed the walkers, their dogs and their wellies at various points throughout the walk, finishing by speaking with the participants to receive their opinions on the event and the charity.

Oak Stock
Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline

Oakstock was a live event in aid of the Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline. A day of live music and fun for all the family. To capture the atmosphere of this event we focused on the bands, capturing a selection of their live performances from various angles, interviewing some of the local bands, along with the crowd interaction.

Gothic Ball
Bats Blood

Bats Blood is the legendary wine from Transylvania, and their gothic ball is an annual live event hosted at the atmospheric Lakeside Tower to raise awareness and funds for the Bat Conservation Trust. Capturing the atmosphere of this event was effortless as everyone got into the Halloween sprit and made it a huge success, we had great fun as we always do with this client/brand.