Music video productions are our true passion, collaborating with likeminded creative artists to put their musical vision into a visual format for all to see, enhancing their lyrics to immerse the listener with the combination of sight and sound. Soon after the birth of Snow Elk Productions we attended and completed ‘The Music Video Master Class’ at F-Stop Academy in London, strengthening our skills within the music video genre. For most and certainly for us the foundation of music videos was set with Michael Jacksons Thriller, which was one of the first albums to use music videos as a successful promotional tool. Today almost all artists create a music video to accompany and promote their track, below are three examples of varying ways this can be achieved; a story lead production, a studio performance and a live performance.

DJ Ivan Roudyk Feat. Soraya Vivian

This example of a story lead production was shot over two days in three locations, combining the use of live performance, green screen and story elements to achieve the artist’s vision. From concept through to completion we worked on every aspect alongside the artist, and is currently the only time we’ve had to direct a St. Bernard. The video had great success in Europe achieving high viewing levels not only online but through TV music channels.

Pretend Best Friend
I. Me, You

This example of a studio performance was shot on location in the Peak District as Beefstock Audios recording studios, combining the use of live performance, interview and behind the scenes footage. We have worked alongside Beefstock for a few years now and this concept offers the artist a package of not only a promotional music video but a professional live recording audio set.

Rate Hot Chilli Peppers
Four Song Montage

This example of a live performance was shot on location at the Real Time Live Music Venue in Chesterfield, although there was no audience during the performance the audio was captured live straight from the audio deck into our equipment, creating the band a promotional montage video of four of their tracks portraying what they deliver through their live performances.